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Dawn Mighton Owner/Store Manager

SMYLIES, “A Happy Place”, started in October 2015.  After many years of dreaming about opening her own retail shop, Dawn Mighton finally pursued her passion along with her husband, Alan, and opened SMYLIES doors to the public.  Based in the scenic country side of Geauga County, SMYLIES offers a unique selection ranging from Antiques, Home Décor, Essential Oils and Vacuum Sales/Service.  Periodically, SMYLIES also offers various educational and informational classes on topics such as Frugal Living, Health and Wellness, and other “Hot Topics”.  Be sure to check out the “Events Calendar” for specific dates, topics and times pertaining to SMYLIES classes.

From the moment the old farm property was purchased back in 2005, Dawn & Alan had visions of transforming the old chicken coop/metal work shop outbuilding into a comfortable and relaxing country retail store for all to enjoy.  Following in her parents footsteps, Dawn grew to appreciate the uniqueness of antiques and merged that with her passion for repurposing old things into something new.  This created a platform to launch SMYLIES.  Dawn’s ambition, combined with Alan’s industry experience selling & servicing commercial cleaning equipment, prompted them to add a Vacuum Sales & Service Department to their portfolio.

With a lack of regional and local service/repair options for vacuums, SMYLIES goal is to gain the reputation as Northeast Ohio’s premier vacuum supplier.   We want our customers to know that we truly value their business even after the sale.  SMYLIES hopes to fill that “service” void and earn customers trust the ‘good old fashioned way’.  Serving up service and products with a smile…  That’s the SMYLIES way!

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